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Breaking Bad plush toysBreaking Bad shot out of the gate as one of the most enthralling dramas on television, and the endless ups and downs of team Walter and Jesse has kept viewers glued to their TVs ever since. For all the fans out there who can’t get enough of the show, there’s some great Breaking Bad merchandise out there to indulge your fandom even further.

The biggest draws are the clever t-shirts, though you can also find things like mugs and costumes, and even some plush dolls so you can cuddle with your favorite characters from the show.

There’s plenty out there, which is pretty interesting for a show that’s intended to be a drama. But of course that just goes to show how big a deal it is for all the fans, who can enjoy Breaking Bad merch just about as much as the show. The following list is intended as a top 10 selection of some of the most popular items, rather than a comprehensive list of everything.

Breaking Bad Merchandise: A top 10 gift list

1) Breaking Bad T-shirt

I figured I'd start off with a "normal" one to get the list going, with the somewhat more unusual or clever items making an entrance in due time. I think it's nice to have at least one option of normalcy amongst the clever and somewhat out of the ordinary options.

This one features a plain and simple logo that we've all come to know and love, with the Br and Ba chemical symbols that give the logo its distinctive and very chemistry-y look.

There are, as you might imagine, just about a billion more options out there, but this one is the winner for standard, tried and true, "I love Breaking Bad" style. People sure will be respecting your chemistry.

2) Better Call Saul T-shirt

So one of my favorite things about this show is the immersive, other-worldly sub-stories they have going on, and Saul Goodman has got to be one of the coolest supporting characters on TV. I have mixed feelings about him getting his own spinoff show, but in the meantime, I really enjoy the fact that the writers chose to expand the series to the point of seemingly existing in the real world. Better Call Saul is a real website, for example.

So it's no surprise that a popular item for Breaking Bad fans is the Better Call Saul t-shirt (amongst other memorabilia from the smarmy lawyer who can get you out of anything), which actually looks like a "real" t-shirt, as though it's perfectly plausible that this business really exists.

This particular t-shirt comes in plenty of colors, too, so take your pick, and see if cops look at you any different knowing you've got Saul on your side.

3) Pollos Hermanos T-shirt

And here we are again at the "fictional business invading the real world" sort of thing. If you're a Gus Fring fan, this is the t-shirt for you.

This shirt is probably going to get you a lot of knowing looks, and I'd ordinarily say that the non-fans might be fooled by thinking it's a regular business, but the cult following of Breaking Bad is so big that this one is likely to get recognized by just about anyone.

Personally, I think the success of Pollos Hermanos has as much to do with the character of Gus Fring than anything else. Am I the only one who loved the flashback scenes and Gus' nearly-single-handed takedown of the entire cartel? Damn was that amazing. So pick up a t-shirt to celebrate.

4) Heisenberg Hoodie

Alright guys, one more clothing entry before we move on to the snazzy neato stuff. Besides, who doesn't love hoodies?

So Heisenberg has become this iconic alter ego in the wonderful world of Walter White fandom, even so far as to be recognizable even by name by those who have never seen him before. That whole "say my name" scene was very Muhammad Ali of him.

And so, friends and loved ones, here we have a Heisenberg hoodie to celebrate that beloved moment, as well as Walter White and/or Breaking Bad fandom in general. It combines two of your most favorite things; Breaking Bad, and hoodies. Perfect for staying warm during marathon viewing parties.

5) Walter and Jesse Plush Toy


Because there's nothing more adorable than Breaking Bad, right? Well, whatever. Still, these are just spectacularly great. It's funny just how easy it is to take something that really shouldn't be precious and lovable and turn it into a plush toy.

These plush dolls stand 8" tall, and are available individually, or as a set of two (obviously far more awesome), so you can get them for your favorite Breaking Bad fan who just wants to love these guys.

Follow the links to view the options for individual plush dolls, in case you want one or the other, as well as the smaller, 4" tall keychain or rearview mirror version of these plush dolls, wearing hazmat suits. They're adorable too.

6) Walter White Bobblehead

Because if there's anything Walter White seems like he should be doing, it's bobbing his head adorable on a dashboard. Ha!

6" tall and bobbly, this is a great bookshelf decoration, and great as a gift for bobblehead lovers far and wide. I think the plush toys above are downright adorable, but if you're a little more on the side of action figure fandom, then this is the one for you.

Other action figures exist as well, but this is one of thew few that doesn't have weird quality issues and so forth, so although a Heisenberg action figure would be cool too, I'm only recommending the bobblehead because of customer difficulties in regards to the other options. This is going to be a good one, so enjoy.

7) Respect the Chemistry Mug

Not enough people respect chemistry. And I bet Walter White has done more to inspire people to respect chemistry than perhaps anyone else in the universe.

So this one doubles as a practical drinking mug, plus it's a great Breaking Bad conversation piece, plus it's sure to inspire kids to...well, respect chemistry. Or enjoy Breaking Bad. Either way!

I'm pretty sure that if you get this mug as a gift for your chemistry teacher, you're sure to get an A. Or, at the very least, he'll treat you extra special forever and ever.

Extra points if you go out of your way to drink only weirdly colored cocktails when using this mug. That would be great.

8) Pork Pie Hat

Just as he's done for chemistry, Walter White, or perhaps more accurately, his Heisenberg alter ego, has done more to popularize the pork pie hat than anyone in the history of the universe. No longer shall the fedora be the headwear of choice for hat lovers everywhere! Muahahaha!

Back in the day of people not having cars, hats were a big deal. They were, and remain, the best way to deal with rain and sun while maintaining visibility in all directions. Sure, sunglasses are cool too, but hats are classy and functional too.

This particular pork pie hat is available in black, grey, and brown, and there are quite a few people offering this style of hat. In fact they probably love Breaking Bad as much as they love their own children.

Oh, and check out Heisenberg costume supplies if you want the whole outfit.

9) Hazmat suit

Ah yes, here we are at perhaps the world's most popular use of a chemical protection suit ever. I have a weird feeling that more of these babies were sold during the run of Breaking Bad for costume use than for real hazard cleanup and such. But I digress. Kind of.

Ever popular and instantly recognizable, the Breaking Bad costume, specifically the hazmat suit cook outfit, has been ever present all over the scene for quite some time. And for something so thoroughly chemically protective, it's actually downright cheap. $20 something for a costume? Pretty neat.

As an added bonus, you can also use it for woodworking and house painting. It's chemically protective, remember?

Check out Breaking Bad Costumes for the face mask and other accessories (such as the blue crystal rock candy), and other options.

10) Crystal Canyon Poster

Okay, so I just had to include this here. I know it's not really going to win any contests for coolness compared to some of the above options, but it's a popular item for Breaking Bad fans who just want a plain and simple addition to their bare walls, or only want to spend a little bit to celebrate their favorite show ever.

I know there are a million posters, but I've picked this one because I just think it's classy. The bare expanse of emptiness in the background, the juxtaposition of the lawn chairs and the very clearly illicit business practices of the two characters present in the frame, and their nonchalance over-the-shoulder glance whilst clothed in hazmat gear, just...makes for quite an excellent image.

You can click to find others, but I like this one because it's just such a nice photo. I could look at it all day. And perhaps I will.

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