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Simpsons vs Family Guy

Let me tell you a thing or two. I adored the Simpsons. Viewings involved a gathering of friends and family from the neighborhood, all watching in camaraderie, adoring the hilarity, being challenged by the satire, and loving the characters. I cannot begin to describe my elation when it was announced that the show would be

5 shows like Family Guy (only better)

Now let me tell you a thing or two about this show before I dive into an epic tirade of the many and varied shows like Family Guy that trounce it to smithereens. I liked Family Guy. I loved Family Guy. I still remember the very first episode that aired, way back at the dawn of

Archer Merchandise

So Archer is just about the greatest thing to come along since…the last time any of these people were involved in anything. Seriously, look at the pedigree of talent we have on display here. No wonder Archer is so spectacularly amazing. And the range of Archer merchandise out there is pretty fun, and certainly a