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Nintendo’s back catalog is a ticking-clock gold mine

Much has been said about Nintendo’s abject refusal to release games on mobile devices designed by other companies, and while I have feelings on that issue (mostly in rant form), I think it relates to another very serious problem Nintendo has…or will…inevitably face. Cultural irrelevance. And not just in the fact that they refuse to

How the Ocarina of Time broke my heart forever

I never finished Ocarina of Time. That is correct. I would like to say that I love Legend of Zelda, but…I guess I don’t. My interest gradually eroded right around that time, and even though I was thoroughly excited to see it released, and I desperately wanted to play, I just couldn’t get all that

How Legend of Zelda 2 broke my heart forever

You know what? Legend of Zelda II gets a lot of hate. Lots and lots, in fact. And you know what? It’s pretty stupid hate.Two major complaints have been leveled against the series over the years; firstly, that it’s a side scroller, and secondly, that it bears little resemblance to its predecessor, with very few

How Final Fantasy 7 broke my heart forever

And no, it wasn’t Aeris.I was excited for Final Fantasy 7. Hugely so. I had been a big fan of a lot of Squaresoft games, particularly Chrono Trigger, which was just about the greatest thing in the universe for someone of my age and interests. I enjoyed the Final Fantasy series as well, though coincidentally

My favorite satirical Youtube accounts at the moment

So as a fan of doing random and nonsensical things all the time, one of my favorite activities is blazing through a billion videos on Youtube of hilarious stuff, and I’ve managed to find a few lately that have slipped under my radar for a while, but now I just have to share. It’s absolutely

The incredibly easy way Nintendo could stay relevant in the iPhone era

I’ve read quite a lot lately, and over the last few years, about Nintendo. Specifically, its inevitable demise. More and more kids today are buying smartphones and tablets, and the massive popularity of mobile device gaming is leaving has-been console makers in the dust.I agree. And it’s an inevitable shift the likes of which Nintendo

Mass Effect Merchandise

Proving once and for all that space battle video games need not be the slightest bit dorky, Mass Effect was…massively effective in winning over legions of fans. Okay, no more dumb jokes, but that was a good one. Onward to Mass Effect merchandise we go!The array of great gifts and other collectibles from the Mass

Bioshock Merchandise

Who would have thought an Ayn Rand-themed video game with old-timey diving suits and weird drill arms was a recipe for success? No, wait. You know what? Who¬†wouldn’t have thought that was a recipe for success? Bioshock has been a creepy hit and its fans have been subjecting themselves to being scared out of their

Portal Costumes and Chell Jumpsuits

Want to deck yourself out in safety orange while maintaining the ultimate in jumpy mobility? Well then a Chell jumpsuit is for you!Okay, well those are probably not the primary factors in deciding to don the ever-popular Portal costume, but maybe they’ll work out helpfully somehow. Lucky for you, Portal jumpsuits are in readily available

Portal Merchandise

For a game with so little in the way of actual violence, it was pretty refreshing to see how Portal achieved the kind of success that it did. Those adorable little robots and orange jumpsuit-clad protagonist became instantly recognizable characters emblazoned on the hearts and minds of video game fans everywhere (take that, FPSers). And Portal