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Why Deadliest Warrior is my favorite comedy on TV

Deadliest Warrior was the funniest comedy on television. Ever. Holy dammit was it hysterically funny. Nothing can make me laugh more than watching those guys attempt to inject “science” into what is clearly just a silly bar argument between two drunken frattish guys. And they managed to make it into a whole TV show!Allow me

5 TV shows like Lost, sorta

So the island was…something or other. Tens of millions of viewers tuned in and enjoyed the hell out of it, but, in many cases, they were left with more answers than when they started. It was all part of the fun, I guess. For some people. But if you’re digging around for more TV shows

The Better Call Spinoff I’d like to see

So news has been going around that the adorably sleazy Saul Goodman shall soon be getting his very own spinoff show.I have mixed feelings about this, and have already seen a few arguments in favor and against, but at this point, I’m siding with against. He’s a fun character, sure, but he’s entertaining far more so

How copyright protection damages the environment

I know what you’re thinking. All those annoying plastic packages and booklets and whatever. Nay. That’s all horrifically wasteful as well, and as people shift from “I like having the actual thing” to “I don’t care about having a bunch of stuff when I can just watch it online,” I think it’ll reach the inevitable

My favorite satirical Youtube accounts at the moment

So as a fan of doing random and nonsensical things all the time, one of my favorite activities is blazing through a billion videos on Youtube of hilarious stuff, and I’ve managed to find a few lately that have slipped under my radar for a while, but now I just have to share. It’s absolutely

Manly man Ron Swanson quotes

Ron Swanson, manliest of any man all over the world. Man’s Man. Man of men. Man. Man man man. MAN!Or so goes the opinion of his ardently supportive legions of adoring fans, whether aspiring to heights of masculinity, or appreciating his effervescent manliness at all times of the day and night. Mostly during the night,

5 fun shows like Downton Abbey

Um, so who would’ve thought a show about fancy rich people going about their fancy rich lives wouldn’t been a huge international smash hit? Well, people who like good writing. Duh. Take note, Hollywood. Special effects bonanzas need not apply.So Downton Abbey has become an absolutely spectacular party for everyone involved, featuring some hugely famous British

5 awesome shows like Mad Men

Okay, so this was a tricky one, since I don’t think there’s anything on TV that’s quite like Mad Men. If you’re looking for period drama, there aren’t that many shows set in the 50s and 60s other than old-timey sitcoms that kinda suck. If you’re looking for slow, methodical workplace drama or ensemble cast

“Lanaaaa!” And other brilliant Sterling Archer Quotes

So I’ve been a huge fan of H. Jon Benjamin since just about forever, which is why I was ferociously angry that nobody told me how cool Archer was until…well, never. Thanks, friends. I could have been absorbing a billion hilarious Sterling Archer quotes that whole time. But noooooooo. Someone decided not to tell me about it.But

5 great shows like Archer…eerily so

So when Archer came along, I thought it was just about the greatest thing in the universe to come along since…the last time H. Jon Benjamin did just about anything. He’s a pretty spectacular performer, and Archer is such a spectacular use of his voice, and his presence as the charismatic centerpiece of a horrifically