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Community merchandise Human Being plush toyOh, Community. The show that produced a billion one-liners and was semi-cancelled long before its time. Oh wait, that’s happened before. Dumb TV show people.

Anyway, back to the Community merchandise! As you might imagine from a show with this rabid a following, Community and Greendale Community College themed gifts are come in all sorts, with plenty of clever creations, some of which are just ordinary t-shirts and other clothing items, while some are inside-joke pieces. Like a Human Being plush doll!

So take a look at some great Community merch and pick up a few fun gifts for that beloved Human Being of yours. Which may be a loved one, or may be yourself. Either way! In the list below you’ll find a top 10 best-of selection, handpicked by a longtime fan.

Community Merchandise: Top 10 gift list

1) Community T-shirt

Kicking things off with, ironically, the most "normal" of all the t-shirts you can possibly find, we have a very plain, ordinary, simple, boring, Community t-shirt. Why did I pick this t-shirt to spearhead the list? Because it's the most boring. There's nowhere to go but up from here.

But on the other hand? There's something to be said for normalcy. It's clearly not what the show is about (or perhaps it's about asking what normal is), but it's nice to pay homage to the classics. It's just a plain and simple t-shirt with the Community logo, and that's as much as you might need.

Stick around, though, and we'll delve deep into the hilarity of some absolutely spectacularly clever Community gear, and it's going to be amazing.

2) Greendale Community College T-shirt

You know what's great about this one? It looks like it's a real t-shirt from a real college. Just like Greendale always aspires to become!

Show off your imaginary school pride with this Greendale Community College t-shirt, with the "Go Human Beings!" chant written underneath. It looks just like a real college t-shirt, and it's going to be great when non-fans ask you if that's your school, and you should totally share your experiences (by quoting stories from the show) and see if you can convince them.

Make a game out of it. The more you can trick people into thinking this is a real t-shirt, the more points you get. And the prize is victory. The greatest prize of all.

3) E Pluribus ____ T-shirt

Oh yes.

Show your school spirit by waving the flag chosen by the students themselves! The one that the students were actually able to trick the dean into using officially!

You know what's great about Community? Amongst other shows of recent years? Immersion.

They actually make stuff like this, and it just makes Greendale and Community seem even more real. And, once again, you can wear it around and see if people actually think it's real.

And speaking of immersive experiences, there's an even bigger one to discuss...

4) Inspector Spacetime T-shirt

And here we are at perhaps the most immersive thing Community has thus far come up with. An entire TV show, inside another TV show. It's the Itchy and Scratchy of Community.

I find it absolutely adorable that Inspector Spacetime has actually become so thorough that different Inspectors can be discussed according to what order and who played them and all that. And it's so obvious who Inspector Spacetime represents. Yet no one ever said so!

That is the glory and genius of Community. They can make up a whole show, not really talk much about it, and it's somehow still a better show than many of their contemporaries on TV.

Take THAT, enemies!

5) Greendale Hoodie

Alright, it's the final entry in the Community clothing category.

Emblazoned with the logo and title of the college (off center, for some weird reason), this is destined to become the new favorite hoodie of whichever lucky Community fan is bestowed with such a glorious gift.

It's not quite as easy to find hoodies from Greendale as it is to find t-shirts (you'll see other listings alongside those listed above), but then again, as long as it has all the Greendale pride you could possibly want, there's not much else you would need.

Celebrate your Greendale fandom, and stay warm and toasty.

6) Thought Bubble Poster

Alright, so maybe I lied about having only cool, quirky, interesting stuff. But come on. Poster! Everyone loves a good poster.

This one is featured in some of the promotional artwork, and you can look at that thought bubble and mentally fill in whatever you might want. What are they thinking? What indeed?

There are plenty of other posters out there, but this one, featuring the entire early cast (before the dean became bigger due to his all-around amazingness), and it's a nice pseudo-family that you can have on your wall. They're probably a whole lot cooler than your real family. But come on, what chance did any family have against these guys?

The poster is 11x17, so it's smaller than a full size, but maybe that means you can collect them all.

7) Troy and Abed Mug

Start your morning off with a nice tall glass of Troy and Abed in the Morning!

Everyone's favorite morning program that isn't actually filmed still gets a massive cult following at 6am despite the fact that nothing seems to be happening at all. But that doesn't mean it isn't awesome.

Added bonus: You can actually use it. Sometimes a gift is even better if it sees some good use.

And then you can play the Community drinking game! I think a good game would be to drink every time there's a reference to a previous episode. I like simple rules. Haven't tested that one yet, but I bet it would see fairly good (though moderate) results. Report back!

8) Human Being Plush Toy

Yup, you can get your own Human Being to love and to hold. He's kinda creepy, though. But whatever. Who doesn't want to snuggle up with this adorable little creature throughout all hours of the day and night?

He's the most all-inclusive human doll in the universe, with no distinguishing features whatsoever. So no matter who you are, you can still be a human being. If you're a human being, that is. Hopefully you are.

15" tall, and 100% awesome. Just like all the other Human Beings who attend Greendale Community College and go on to extraordinary heights of spectacular achievement. Which, according to show canon, seems to be just one single guy, which I find amusing.

9) Jeff in the Box Figurine

Ring in the holidays with the world's most cynical, most jaded, way too cool for school (literally), suave and sophisticated gentleman. He's like the Walter White of coolness.

This figurine is part of a series of holiday toys based on Community characters featured in the stop-motion animated Christmas episode.

There are quite a few other characters, but not all of them; you might only be able to get a favorite or two, rather than each and every figurine of the whole cast.

I picked Jeff because he's sort of the main character, but, by all means, select your absolute favorite and enjoy his or her Christmas toy spirit.

10) Community Messenger Bag

And here we are, with one last bit of Greendale gear. A Greendale Community College messenger bag.

Once again, it's Community merchandise you might actually use. If you've got a special someone who's head over heels in love with Community (and, hopefully, you), but who also likes to carry things around, well then this is the most glorious gift in the universe.

It has several external pockets and plenty of room, so it's going to be rather practical, though it's also intended as more of a fun thing, so it might not be so great if it's your only messenger bag; but it'll certainly be handy for plenty of occasions that call for your Greendale fandom to be prominently displayed for all to see. Have fun!

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