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Firefly merchandise hatYet another show cancelled before its time and, oddly, a source of considerable controversy thereafter, Firefly managed to carve out a niche of rabid fans who immediately became thoroughly disappointed as soon as it disappeared. Sad times. The good news? There’s plenty of amazing Firefly merchandise for the fans to enjoy, cancellation or no cancellation.

The fans have really been a major staple of keeping the series “alive” as a cult obsession, and there are just about a million spectacular bits of Firefly memorabilia to snap up and love forever, from clever t-shirts, to posters, to ship replicas, and plenty more.

So take a look at a few options. It may not bring back the show, but at least it’ll put a smile on your face. Below you’ll find a top 10 list of gifts for Firefly fans, rather than a comprehensive selection.

Firefly Merchandise: Top 10 gift list

1) Firefly in a Bottle T-shirt

First on the list is (in my opinion) the most clever of all the Firefly t-shirts I have seen thus far.

Sure, you could get yourself a regular t-shirt with just the word Firefly emblazoned across the chest for all to see, but I think this is a whole lot more clever. Unique is better than normal!

Though I suppose on the other hand that you could make the case that since the ship is technically called Serenity, it's really an inaccurate depiction of the predicament, since you can't catch serenity in a bottle, despite how many people would love to do so.

Other options are also great, but I picked this one to be the representative of the Firefly t-shirt category. I think it's the smartest one.

2) Bring Grenades T-shirt

Okay, so if you are going to get this one, make sure not to bring it on an airplane. Or at the very least, wear it inside out.

So once again, this is by no means the only t-shirt for lady Firefly fans to be found, and in fact there are some spectacularly clever designs to be found all over the place in the wonderful world of Firefly clothing for fans to love, but I just think this one is funny. As if being calm and having grenades have anything to do with each other. Is anyone ever calm when grenades are introduced into the proceedings?

Once again, I'd encourage you to check out the other options in the listing, but I think this one is pretty funny, and offers the minimalist art style that's clearly something from Firefly, but only recognizable to Firefly fans.

3) Browncoat Hoodie

Oh yes, misbehave. You know you want to.

This Browncoat hoodie is a Firefly fan's dream come true. Not only is it an awesome hoodie from your favorite TV show, but...wait a minute, that's all you need. Awesome hoodies and favorite TV shows are a flawless combination of greatness.

With "Browncoat" on the front and "I aim to misbehave" on the back, you'll be up to all sorts of mischief in this thing. Hopefully, anyway. Life can use more mischief.

Some of the other options include hoodies with an image of the ship on the front, and those are nice too, but I kind of like this one's understated appearance and elegance modesty. Or whatever.

4) Jayne Cobb Hat

So you may have heard the story of the fan base coming to the rescue of their fellow fans and crocheting a Jayne hat themselves to sell, and FOX coming in and shutting things down and annoying the hell out of everyone.

It wasn't enough to cancel the series. They have to cancel the hats, too.

But at least there's an officially licensed Jayne Cobb hat for sale, if the black market isn't as available as you might like. It might annoy your brains out that it's not fan-made, but then again, at least some of the proceedings are going to those deserving of the royalties for show-related items.

An easy start to a complete Jayne costume, or just a good winter hat on its own.

5) Browncoat Beanie

So if a somewhat more normal hat is your thing, you can get yourself a Browncoat beanie instead.

This one has the Firefly title logo and the Browncoat title, though of course you could also wear it inside out on days when you want to keep your Firefly fandom all to yourself. If such a scenario is in your future.

If you're looking for a winter-appropriate gift for Firefly fans who are marching through the cold and icy winter, this is a great little option to keep their ears warm and cozy. Which is always a good thing.

I would say it goes well with the Browncoat hoodie, but that might be a few too many mentions of Browncoat for a single outfit. Maybe just one is the better way to go.

6) Mal Reynolds' Pistol Replica

Yes! You know you want it.

Get yourself a gloriously crafted pistol replica from your favorite ship captain and display it beautifully on the bookshelf. Probably shouldn't take it on an airplane, though. That would certainly be awkward.

14" long, made of multiple metal-plated parts, and featuring the weathered look of the signature piece featured on the show.

Certainly a major piece in a Mal Reynolds costume, and pretty great on its own as a rather prominent shelf-top knick-knack.

It does indeed look rather glorious, in all of its weathered, brassy glory.

Check it out:


7) Serenity Ship Replica

So you knew this one was coming, right? Yeah, you did.

Everyone loves the ship, even though it looks like some sort of bizarre donkey or something. But oh well. The worse it is, the more people love it. It's called the Millennium Falcon effect. Or something.

This is actually a super-detailed model, and, on the downside, it's pricey. It's not cheap and simple piece of plastic, but rather a highly-detailed, carefully crafted replica. It's not an impulse buy sort of thing, so don't get too scared at the price. It's a special occasion sort of a gift, that's going to look absolutely spectacular on the mantle for generations to come.

It's the perfect Serenity replica, and all you could ever want.


8) LEGO Serenity Replica!

So this is pretty great. Who doesn't want a LEGO Serenity replica? Morons, that's who.

So this is actually a pretty accurate replica for something being made out of LEGO pieces, particularly when you look at how small the individual pieces are; it's not a large kit, so it's nicely done, considering how small everything is.

I can't quite decide if the "real" ship is the more appropriate gift to get someone, or if the LEGO ship is more fun. I mean, it's pretty awesome, and you might have trouble picking one or the other. I guess it'll just come down to which one you enjoy more, and if you like the adorability of LEGO even more than the quality and detail of a more accurate, realistic replica of the ship.

Or just get both!

9) Minimalist Serenity Poster

I like this one a lot. It's got the minimalist style that has become rather popular these days. It's not THAT minimalist, but it does have just a silhouette of the ship, and that's about it. More iconic than detailed, more elegant than rich. I like it.

And, on top of that, it has the "You can't take the sky from me" mantra, which, whether you're a fan of the show or not, is actually a pretty nice-sounding metaphor for holding on to the wonders of life. Or something. I can't really tell. I just think it sounds great, and it's going to look great too.

This is certainly not the only poster to be found, but I do think it's pretty darn classy, and it's a popular one, too. But there's one more worth mentioning while we're here...

10) Map of the Verse

Want to delve even deeper into the world of Firefly than you already have? Well then!

This double-sided map of the 'verse poster is going to delight your diagram-loving ways, with all sorts of tiny details to be voraciously devoured. And when you're done with that, you can flip it over and devour the rest.

It's another one of those immersion gifts. Rather than just a cast promo photo or something, this is the type of thing that a fan could stare at for a while, and memorize every tiny detail. And Firefly was the kind of show where fans wanted to do exactly that.

And, of course, you also get 2 posters in 1, since it's double-sided and has info on each side. Makes for a nice wall decoration that, until you look closely, looks like you're just an astronomy fan.

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