Heisenberg Costume

Breaking Bad Heisenberg costume hatSo you want an awesome Breaking Bad costume, but you also want to look kind of evil at the same time. The Heisenberg costume is for you.

A whole lot more intimidating than the clean-cut chemistry teacher of the days of yore, Heisenberg is the alter ego that was simmering under the surface the whole time. The outfit is instantly recognizable, and it looks pretty darn classy in general. It has been resurrecting the popularity of the pork pie hat for years.

So take a look below at the supplies you need. You might have a few of the pieces already, so you’ll have a Heisenberg costume in no time:

Heisenberg costume clothes

First up are the clothing items you'll need for a Heisenberg Halloween costume, or whatever event you have in mind. The shirt can be any color you want, and that's generally the case with the pants as well, but that jacket definitely needs to be black. Here are the main articles of clothing you'll need to put together the outfit. You might have a couple already, so the jacket is likely what you'll need most to make it happen:

Heisenberg costume accessories

So here we are at all the accessories you'll need to complete the outfit. These are the types of items you might not already have in your costume arsenal, though a few of them are the types you can use on a variety of costumes, such as the sunglasses or the bald cap, so if this is the start of a massive array of costume supplies, they'll be great for quite a few applications. But if all you want is a Heisenberg outfit, here's what you'll need:

Check out a finished product:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsGyv9LPFI4]

Other Breaking Bad costumes

So if you're looking for other variations of Breaking Bad costumes, you'll want to check these out. These include Walter White looking like a normal person, as well as the yellow hazmat suit that is super popular as well:

Breaking Bad Costume
Walter White Costume

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