Leslie Knope Costume

Leslie Knope costume suitEveryone’s favorite super amazing worker bee overachiever has been the source of about as many one-liners as many of her fellow TV show companions, but most of the time they’re adorably inadvertent. And that’s part of what makes her so likable. She’s the idol of a very rabid fan base, and they want to be just like her. Enter the Leslie Knope costume, to embody your inspiration at costume parties and anywhere else.

The outfit is pretty simple, with a modest grey business suit and button-up shirt, and as an added bonus, by the time it’s all done, you’ll end up with a classy business suit. Win win!

So take a look below at some Leslie Knope Halloween costume ideas so you can become your favorite person.

Leslie Knope costume example

Leslie Knope costume posterSo, the photo to right, courtesy of a Parks and Rec poster, will give you an idea of what you'll need to complete a Leslie Knope costume:
  • Blonde wig
  • Grey suit
  • Button shirt
It's actually quite simple, so it won't be too hard to put it all together. Minor details include: She usually wears a skirt, rather than pants; her shirt can be whatever color you want, but is most often a button-up shirt; and you can accessorize with whatever modest heels you have on hand. Pretty simple!

So take a look at some costume supplies below and pick up what you might need, and go achieve some glorious work project that'll be super amazing. People still refer to Mulch Ado About Nothing.

Leslie Knope costume supplies

So! Let's begin. Below you'll find a sample of each item you'll need to build a Leslie Knope costume. Each individual piece can be varied rather widely, so in each case, you can use a slightly modified version and it'll work. The shirt, for example, is often blue or some other muted color, but the photo pictured above is often used as a promo shot, so is widely known, which is why you'll see a red shirt below (though plenty more colors are available). So here you go:

Harvest Festival mug

So if you're making your way to a party, this is a nice touch to add to the ensemble. A Pawnee Harvest Festival coffee mug!

It's the little things that'll help complete an outfit, and this is a good one. Some people might think you're just some generic business person (like you're on your way to a CEOs and office h*es party), entirely ignorant of the fact that you are, on the other hand, choosing to immortalize your favorite character by wearing a Leslie Knope costume.

There aren't too many obvious options for Parks and Recreation merchandise that'll seamlessly compliment a costume, but this mug'll help things along. Enjoy the party!

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