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Mass Effect merchandise jacketProving once and for all that space battle video games need not be the slightest bit dorky, Mass Effect was…massively effective in winning over legions of fans. Okay, no more dumb jokes, but that was a good one. Onward to Mass Effect merchandise we go!

The array of great gifts and other collectibles from the Mass Effect series include a whole lot of clever creations, including costume supplies, action figures, and lots of clothing and other accessories, particularly a great range of N7 gear with which you can trick people into thinking you work for some fancy company named N7.

Below is a list of some of the best Mass Effect gear you can find; it’s by no means comprehensive, and each entry is intended as more of a category representative than a full selection, but peruse away to find some awesome items.

Mass Effect Merchandise: Top 10 Gift List

1) Commander Shepard Figurine

So if I were to pick out every Mass Effect figurine to be found, it would take the rest of each of our lives to peruse. So I picked out just one. The "normal" one, the most representative of the game, since he's the main character. A Commander Shepard action figure.

But dang, if you want to stock up on every single one of them, you can have yourself quite a collection. I just picked out this one to be the singular representative of the category.

It's a high quality figurine, which is going to make you super jealous of your not-as-cool childhood and low quality action figures. The level of detail in decorative figurines is a million times better nowadays than it used to be, and this one is no exception.

But definitely check out the others alongside this listing, since it's practically every character in the (fictional) universe.

2) Funko POP Figurine

So does everyone else love these as much as I do? Dammit are they awesome. I could adore them all day long. And I like how there are as many of these as there are fictional characters. It's amazing. I can't comprehend how quickly this thing exploded into popularity, or how they have the best licensing deals in the universe. Take note, Spotify. You should hire these guys to work licensing deals.

Okay, rant over. Hopefully. Mass Effect figurines in Funko POP form are in readily available and broad supply, so you can get pretty much every character in this format as well. In fact you can collect a whole family of them and they're going to look awesome. They're basically geeky Beanie Babies.

I picked this one because I didn't want to pick a Shepard figurine again and because that helmet is awesome. It sort of reminds me of Halo armor, except when you take a look at the rest of the gear, but whatever. Tali looks cool in that helmet. But you can get pretty much anyone in this form, so go for it.

3) Normandy Ship Replica

You know what's weird? I would think that way off in the future, they'd quit naming things after things that happened many centuries ago. I mean, Normandy? That's the equivalent of us naming something after something that happened in the 1300s or whatever. I mean, I suppose Waterloo is still famous, but I just find it weird.

Okay, rant over. Again. But this Normandy ship replica is going to be your new favorite bookshelf decoration. It's 6" long, an excellent replica of the ship from the game, and I picked it because it had the highest rating among the several that you can find, so I don't see much of a reason to pick another.

Except, as you'll see, for other reasons, but this is the one to get if you want the "correct" one, and have it up on the shelf looking glorious, in all of its miniature glory.

4) LEGO Normandy Replica

And here we are at the reason you should avoid the "regular" one. I mean, ordinarily I'd say the "regular" one is the "correct" one to get, but that's until this came along.

Yes indeed. A LEGO replica of the Normandy. And it can indeed be yours.

One of the very few LEGO models you can find of otherwise non-LEGO things in the world, this is going to be lots of fun to put together, and it's going to look great, and be a great conversation piece. Not only for fans of Mass Effect, but fans of LEGO as well. And aren't those the only sorts of people you want to be friends with?

Somewhat comparable in price to the normal models, but more fun to put together, there's no paint to scratch, and just adorable all around.

5) N7 Hoodie

Ah yes, time to dress up as your favorite employee. Weird game, right? Whatever.

So there's actually quite a bit of awesome N7 gear out there, and although this one is probably the most epic one, I'd highly recommend patrolling all the options and seeing what you can find. There's plenty, and it's all pretty great.

Several N7 hoodies exist, but I picked this one because it has the snazzy racing stripes down the arms, and I just don't see the point of doing it otherwise. Though it's possible to get a version of this with just the N7 logo without the stripes, if that's what you prefer.

Double check the sizing instructions, which request measurements to make sure everything works out. You want it just right.

6) N7 Wallet

This is a fun one. This way you can trick people into thinking you work for a fancy company that gave everyone a branded wallet. It's almost as good a game as Mass Effect itself.

So it's actually pretty neat how many different N7 items you can get, from keychains to hats to backpacks (and you'll see the rest of the collection if you click) but I picked this one because it might actually see the most use, and it's something that'll be adorably visible every so often. I mean, the N7 belt buckle might be too, but I still think wallets are more practical.

Bi-fold wallet, lots of pockets inside, N7 logo on the outside, and Mass Effect logo on the inside. It'll be the new favorite wallet of whatever lucky recipient gets it.

7) Commander Shepard costume jacket

Alright, time to play dress up. But in a cool way!

Commander Shepard costumes may seem like an elaborate sci-fi fantasy, but if all you need is an awesome leather jacket and a mystique of badassery, it seems downright simple. And this replica Commander Shepard jacket will get you halfway there.

Available in wide range of sizes, with a full zip, two outside and two inside pockets, and all-around good looks. It's not just going to see one or two uses for a convention or costume party; you'll probably end up grabbing it for a casual night out, too. And then you can pretend you're a motorcycle racer and N7 is one of your amazing sponsors. See how many people you can convince!

And they'll go incredibly well with...

8) N7 Dog Tags

Okay, so I've been a little heavy on the N7 gear, but I like it. It's hard to whittle the list down to just a few, but I figured this was going to be a relatively inexpensive and classy addition to the ensemble.

They'd go great with the jacket, whether it's the leather jacket or the hoodie, or you can just wear them and see if you get free drinks from patriotic bartenders.

Probably not such a good idea to pretend these are the real thing if you're in the presence of real veterans, but maybe they won't look carefully, and you'll get away with it. It's worth a try, right?

They also double as luggage tags! No one else will have them!

9) Predator Pistol Replica

Part of a series of Mass Effect weapon replicas, this is the one to get for people who want an absolutely spectacular mantle decoration and don't have much trouble spending the extra cash. It's a very high quality replica, but it's both rare and pricey.

You might notice the Carnifex pistol is also available in replica form, but I figured I'd just include a single entry in this category.

As for features, it's 12" long, made of a material called polystone (which is actually rather heavy, rather than lightweight plastic), and it even has LED lights that light up.

I mean, you'll probably want the Carnifex too, and have one in each hand. It'll be awesome.

10) Mass Effect Poster

So this category couldn't possibly be represented merely by a single entry, so by all means, peruse the rest, but this one is pretty darn classy.

I like this one quite a bit; firstly, it's pretty big, as opposed to those relatively small posters that have become increasingly popular, and it's just nice. It doesn't have any logos on it to ugly it up, and it's a lot better that way.

Featuring just a few main characters and a whole lot of fog, Commander Shepard emerging from the darkness in all his imposing glory, this is going to look good adorning an otherwise boring wall in apartments and homes all over the wonderful world we live in.

But sure, check out the rest. They're awesome too.

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