My favorite satirical Youtube accounts at the moment

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So as a fan of doing random and nonsensical things all the time, one of my favorite activities is blazing through a billion videos on Youtube of hilarious stuff, and I’ve managed to find a few lately that have slipped under my radar for a while, but now I just have to share. It’s absolutely great stuff, and in some ways, is actually educational for reasons aside from hilarity as well.

So here’s my lineup for funniest Youtube accounts at the moment, in regards to satirical reviews of hilarious stuff:

How it should have ended (HISHE)

This series is so good it annoys me. And it’s not just hilarious commentary or silly satire of characters doing ridiculous things, or doing what we think they should have done the whole time. It’s also that the animation is amazingly great. In fact, it’s annoyingly great. In a number of videos the creators will go through the process and describe how the handle the animation, which is quite helpful for aspiring animators who want to know the technical details as well. For something so simplistic, there’s a huge amount of effort that goes into it, but I think the end result is excellent, despite an appearance that looks so easy.

And there’s a lot of vindication when you see characters say things they really, really should have said.


Honest Trailers

This is a great one too. It’s basically a way to make fun of a movie you know is going to be a certain way, without even seeing it. Aaaaand it turns out to be correct, too.

So they’ll basically recut the trailer with sarcastic lines replacing the real announcements, but keeping the over-the-top, super dramatic tone that basically every movie trailer always uses. And it’s just great.

They’re kinda buddies with HISHE too:


Everything wrong with ______ in ____ minutes

This is yet another vindication of dumb movies (you can sense a pattern here), but it contains a whole lot of things that practically everyone misses. In every movie, sure, he’ll find plot holes, but he’ll find so many that you won’t believe there are that many in each movie. Dozens, in fact. Though in some cases he’s just criticizing things he finds annoying, along with objective plot holes all over the place.

I found particular joy in the Avatar demolition, as I have rather…ahem, hateful opinions of Avatar, and this one complained about all sorts of things that I’ve complained about as well, but that for whatever reason nobody else ever really seems to notice:


So there you have it. These are my favorite Youtube pop culture satires at the moment. Not a “best of,” but just my current faves. And, as can be expected, they’re mostly related to how annoying most movies are. Just like I always enjoy.

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