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Parks and Recreation merchandise Lil Sebastian plushWait a minute, you can make a show entirely based on good writing and talented actors? Who knew?!?! Anyway, Parks and Rec is spectacularly clever, and if there’s anything worth watching, it’s something clever. On the same note, Parks and Recreation merchandise is often pretty clever as well, so if you’re searching around for gift ideas, there are some spectacularly clever ideas to snap up for the special someone.

The Lil’ Sebastian plush doll is especially adorable, but you can also find the standard sorts of collectibles such as t-shirts, posters, and even books about Pawnee. And who doesn’t want Mouse Rat gear?

So take a look at some of the best Parks and Rec gifts to be found, and bring them along to the next viewing party. This is meant as more of a top 10 list, rather than a comprehensive selection, so it’s by no means exhaustive.

Parks and Recreation Merchandise: A top 10 gift list

1) Pawnee Seal T-shirt

You know what's great about all the shows that have been coming out in recent years? They're far more immersive than shows of days past. They have more in-world depth and detail, and it makes for a more clever show.

Take for example this Pawnee t-shirt. It certainly makes no sense to wear a t-shirt of a nonexistent town, but that's the sort of immersive experience that makes these shows so entertaining. It's a more enthralling experience, and you can get really, really into it. Rather than the t-shirt just saying Parks & Rec, which would be boring, you can get a Pawnee logo t-shirt, which not only is more clever, and will trick you into thinking you live there, but will also look like a normal t-shirt rather than something that says "I like this show" or whatever.

Women's sizes available too, and there are plenty more options and styles as well. I just think this one is classy and simple.

2) Lil Sebastian T-shirt

And here we are at yet another example of in-world realism bursting forth into our universe. You too can declare your having met Lil Sebastian at the Pawnee Harvest Festival!

And you know what's great? Non-fans will think it's a real thing.

That's what I like so much about these things. They exist within the P&R world, but seamlessly transition into reality without being an advertisement. They're more of a celebration of one's own fandom, and a way to telegraph one's fandom to others, in silence.

And besides, Lil Sebastian is the greatest thing ever. It's one of only two incidents that caused the manliest man of all manliness to weep in agony.

Speaking of whom...

3) Woman of the Year T-shirt

Every so often, one must recognize the achievements of great citizens, and women are by no means the exception, whose achievements are often overlooked in our fast-paced world of mostly-male dominated corporate structures and political entities.

And who better to represent the strength and courage of womanhood that Ron Swanson? There's certainly nothing that could stand in the way of Ron Swanson fulfilling each and every positive quality of strong women, as well as men. Really, he's the perfect woman.

And, of course, there are a billion other Ron Swanson t-shirts out there, all of which are amazing, and this one comes in men's sizes too. But I expect it might be the ladies that are most enraptured with Ron Swanson's greatness (though I think a lot of men have a man crush on him as well).

4) Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster

Speaking of Ron Swanson (and many people are frequently speaking of Ron Swanson), he's pretty great.

How is he so great? Well, one of the many reasons is that he has been developing his strategy for greatness over the many years of his life, and has collected them all as a helpful learning tool for others to aspire to the level of greatness he has achieved.

The climb shall be long, but the views shall be great. One day, if you persevere with the audacity of Ron himself, you may very well achieve the level of greatness as he.

Or, just pick it up if you like funny posters. Everyone likes funny posters. But I like to think of it as a target for self-improvement. You can check off the boxes every time you achieve something that would qualify as exemplifying that category!

Check it out:


5) Parks and Rec Cast Poster

So it might be that you want to see each and every major cast member every morning when you wake up. Maybe Leslie Knope is more of a hero to you than Ron Swanson. Perhaps the synergy is what drives you to achieve. Either way, this might just be the one for you.

As is the case with every show, plenty of promotional photos exist of the characters, and this is an earlier cast photo with the first season characters. If you prefer Ben and Chris, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you like the original lineup (I think starting small and expanding the cast later was a neat move, actually), then this is a good one.

But certainly take a look at the others, since this is by no means the only option. They're generally promo-style photos like this, however; if you're looking for humor, get the Pyramid of Greatness poster.

6) Pawnee, the book!

So, you thought it was just a show prop that Leslie Knope trotted around on the campaign trail, hmm? Nope. In fact, Knope. It actually does exist.

But enough of the puns. Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America is a joke-filled collection of in-joke hilarity, covering all sorts of historical "facts" about the town that longtime fans will find hysterical. It's one of those bits of merchandise that makes the fictional world more and more immersive.

It's basically the greatest coffee table book for Parks and Recreation fans you can possibly find, and it provides a whole lot of great reading material. It's yet another immersive gift that provides a whole lot of depth to the world the writers have created, and makes Pawnee even more real.

7) Harvest Festival Mug

Oh yes. There's so much Harvest Festival gear out there that you might just mistake it for being real. And so will everyone else who hasn't seen the show.

You know why this makes a great gift? Because it'll actually see some use. Everyone can use a coffee mug once in a while, and what better gift to bestow upon an unsuspecting Pawnee fan than a Harvest Festival commemorative mug?

And it's obviously going to come in handy when you play the Parks and Recreation drinking game, which requires you to drink whenever Ron Swanson does something manly, or Leslie Knope works hard at her job. Yeah, try THAT sometime.

But, on the other hand, there's another option in addition to the mug, which you might prefer...

8) Snakehole Shotglass!

So this is pretty great. Remember that episode where they all got drunk on Snake Juice? That was pretty funny.

There appear to be some availability issues with this one, but I thought I'd include it anyway (and you can see the Mouserat shotglass in the listing as well), since it may show itself again someday to delight us all.

It's going to lend itself quite well to "take a shot whenever _____" types of things. I think a good one would be whenever Ben talks about nerdy things, or whenever Chris says literally.

This game could go on forever. Every time Tom says something fashion-related or hip-hop oriented, perhaps? That would be good too. Brutally so.

9) Ron Swanson Bobble Head

Remember how we all want more Ron Swanson in our lives? Because most people probably do.

And you can indeed bring yet more Ron Swanson into your life, with a non-action figure, which is fitting, because this is as much action as Ron Swanson could possibly exhibit. See that expression? That's "excited."

Great on a mantle, a dashboard, or a bookshelf. Actually, it would probably be great to put right next to the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster, so you can imagine what it would be like if Ron Swanson were speaking directly to you and telling you exactly how to be great. Which would be great.

Soon enough he'll show up in your dreams, too. His head bobbling away wildly. Can't tell if that would be creepy or adorable, but then again, Ron Swanson is a man of many contradictions.

10) Lil Sebastian Plush!

Yes, your life is about to be complete.

Perhaps the ultimate bit of Parks and Recreation merchandise anywhere to be found, this tiny bit of immortalization will let you bring Lil Sebastian into your home forever.

Ironically, this is a whole lot softer than a real horse. Imagine trying to cuddle with hoofed animal.

But anyway, this is just a great Parks and Recreation gift idea, so even with all the other options up here, this one might just be the winner. I think it's the most adorable of all the options out there, and Lil Sebastian is clearly the greatest thing in the universe. Even Ron Swanson would say so, and he usually has some pretty solid opinions on this sort of thing.

It'll be the most beloved possession a Parks and Rec fan could ever want. Enjoy!

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