Portal Costumes and Chell Jumpsuits

Portal costume socksWant to deck yourself out in safety orange while maintaining the ultimate in jumpy mobility? Well then a Chell jumpsuit is for you!

Okay, well those are probably not the primary factors in deciding to don the ever-popular Portal costume, but maybe they’ll work out helpfully somehow. Lucky for you, Portal jumpsuits are in readily available supply, ready to be accessorized with Portal gun replicas and other fun stuff to complete a great Chell costume to wear to conventions and other parties.

So let’s peruse the options and get ourselves an awesome Chell costume and go try to walk through walls and stuff.

Chell Costume Jumpsuit

Portal 2 Chell's Jumpsuit


Kicking off the list with the one and only Chell jumpsuit, your one-stop shop for building a costume 

Officially licensed and produced by NECA, this item is available in a wide range of sizes, plus the elastic cuffs broaden the range of which size can fit whom.

You can certainly add some other accessories to further flesh out this costume, but plenty of the time this is enough to qualify, without too much of a financial commitment. Though of course you can go ahead and pick up the rest of the accessories as well.

Portal Gun Replicas

And we arrive at the other mainstay of a Chell costume, which is the Portal gun replica. This has been quite a popular and highly-sought item for quite some time, and it has, in somewhat recent years, become somewhat more widely available at lower prices.

Here you'll find a few options; a full-size Portal gun prop, and a miniature version which might be better for kids, or if you plan on using it as more of a decorative piece.

Long Fall Socks

So these are actually quite a clever little gift, even aside from the whole ensemble of a Chell costume. Mimicking the appearance of the Long Fall Boots (which might be horrifically impossible to sell due to potential injury lawsuits), these socks are the next best thing, and far more practical than the alternative.

One size fits most, made by NECA, of polyester and acrylic. Quite a popular item for Portal fans who also get the bonus of getting a brand new pair of clean socks at the same time, and they're probably cooler than most of what you've got now anyway.

DIY Long Fall Boots

So this might not quite be what you're looking for, but there are a few people out there who have actually managed to build their own Long Fall Boots, and you might want to take a look see and get some ideas, if you're planning on building your own. As mentioned, you might not want to walk around for long in these, as falling down is probably going to happen sooner or later. But if you're planning on building a realistic costume, here's a pretty good example of the boots:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2EGyusY0Qk]

Portal Costume Extras

So it would be a shame to miss the few extra items out there that are downright clever and fun, since they might go along quite well with the above gear, and although they're not really necessary for a real Chell costume, they're still pretty fun. Heart-emblazoned Companion Cube undies, a track jacket, and a messenger bag, all inspired from the game, might make for a neat outfit.Maybe you can go for a couples outfit with one person as Chell, and another as some other orange-clad Aperture Science employee. Have fun!


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