Ron Swanson Costume

Ron Swanson costume posterEveryone’s favorite manly man of manliness. Man manly man. Man. Man!

Okay, but anyway, Ron Swanson is the pinnacle of manliness, and he’s become an extraordinarily popular character as a direct result of his facial hair and hilarious one-liners. They could make an endless supply of t-shirts featuring nothing but Ron Swanson quotations.

So, obviously, a Ron Swanson Halloween costume is a popular choice for Parks and Recreation fans on their way to a costume party, and it’s actually pretty easy to put together. So take a look below at some Ron Swanson costume ideas, pick some up, and be incredibly manly.

Ron Swason costume example

Ron Swanson costume posterOkay, important note: Ron Swanson has two different outfits he regularly wears.

The facial hair will be the same, but the clothing will be partly different, so pick one or the other:
  1. Business suit: Medium brown, and modest.
  2. Dorky polo shirt: Preferably some shade of burgundy.
It all just kinda depends on which version you want, but he's more often seen wearing the old-fashioned long-sleeve polo shirt, since the Pawnee office is fairly casual. But if you're going somewhere chilly, you might want to go with the suit. But off we go!

Ron Swanson costume supplies

And here we are! The most important pieces are the mustache, and the old-fashioned polo shirt. You might have some of the other pieces already, such as the pleated pants and leather shoes, though if not, it's not a bad idea to pick them up. It's pretty useful to have shoes. So below you'll find the supplies you'll need for the polo shirt outfit that Ron Swanson so often wears, but you can also do the brown business suit option if you so desire.

The wig might take some combing to get just right, though:

Brown business suit

So if you want to go the alternative route, you can pick up a brown business suit. This'll work nicely if you're going to a fancy party, and you want to crash as Ron Swanson without telling anyone, and see if anyone notices.

Or, alternatively, this is a good option if it's super chilly outside. And brown is basically the only color that Ron Swanson seems to find acceptable.

Muted and modest, just like the man himself.

Pawnee Harvest Festival Mug

So if you want to accessorize the outfit, you'll notice that Ron Swanson typically has a coffee mug in front of him a good percentage of the time.

And if you're getting a coffee mug to complete the outfit, it might as well be an in-world bit of gear that'll add to the Ron Swanson costume even further.

This one also doubles as a great gift, and is a fun piece of Parks and Recreation merchandise that'll surely put a smile on the face of whichever fan of the show whose day you're trying to make. So you might be able to get a 2 for 1 out of this, as a gift, and as a costume accessory. Win win!

Have fun, be manly, and brush up on your quotations knowledge to be amazing.

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