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The Better Call Spinoff I’d like to see

So news has been going around that the adorably sleazy Saul Goodman shall soon be getting his very own spinoff show.I have mixed feelings about this, and have already seen a few arguments in favor and against, but at this point, I’m siding with against. He’s a fun character, sure, but he’s¬†entertaining far more so

In defense of Skyler White (plus musings on sexism)

It has recently come to light that apparently, not a whole lot of people are big fans of Skyler White. The actress who plays her, Anna Gunn, even wrote about her experiences dealing with fans who despise her character, and who have transferred that hatred to the actress as well. It’s an odd situation, but

Weeds vs Breaking Bad

Um, is Weeds vs Breaking Bad even a fair fight? I’ll admit I thought this was going to be an embarrassingly brutal catastrophe in which Breaking Bad emerged as the indisputable victor over its pitiful enemies, but I have to say I’ve been enjoying Weeds.Endlessly complainy and impossible to please as I so thoroughly am,

5 great shows like Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad sure did make a huge impression when it stormed onto the scene, and it has a habit of spoiling people on good writing and leaving them unable to find any suitable replacement after having seen what happens when you combine talented writers, actors, and directors together all at the same time. What’s a

Heisenberg Costume

So you want an awesome Breaking Bad costume, but you also want to look kind of evil at the same time. The Heisenberg costume is for you.A whole lot more intimidating than the clean-cut chemistry teacher of the days of yore, Heisenberg is the alter ego that was simmering under the surface the whole time.

Walter White Costume

So you want to dress up in an amazing Walter White costume for a Halloween party. Or a viewing party. Or just to be cool. Isn’t it weird how a chemistry teacher somehow became an incredibly in-demand Halloween costume? The answer is yes.Many Breaking Bad costumes are fairly easy to put together, and in fact

Breaking Bad Costume

The Breaking Bad costume has been in hot demand for quite some time, and quite a strong testament to the strength of the show. It’s probably the best thing to happen to the world of hazmat suit providers ever to be found.Popular options include Walter White and Heisenberg costumes, as well as the cooking outfit,

Breaking Bad Merchandise

Breaking Bad shot out of the gate as one of the most enthralling dramas on television, and the endless ups and downs of team Walter and Jesse has kept viewers glued to their TVs ever since. For all the fans out there who can’t get enough of the show, there’s some great Breaking Bad merchandise