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The annoying lesson the Star Trek reboot got all wrong

Recently I explained to a friend what was wrong with the new Star Trek movie, and over the course of the discussion, I listed issues such as massive explosions all over the place, fast scenes, frequent cuts, shouted dialogue, rather explicit exposition, loud crescendoes, and lack of tense build up, replaced with one action sequence

Someone should introduce JJ Abrams to subtlety

So I know the lens flares get all the attention, but there’s another lingering problem in every J. J. Abrams piece I have thus far seen. It’s that he doesn’t know how to make it subtle.Star Trek: Into Darkness (there should be a colon there, dammit) is a prime example. Bigger and dumber than its

5 great shows like Battlestar Galactica

Toaster robots. Of course it’ll work. But anyway, Battlestar Galactica managed to prove that a sci-fi show could have a broad audience, with more than just the typical sci-fi fans that one might expect from the title. It featured a diverse cast of characters, talented actors, that endlessly shaky camera, and yes, killer robots. But