The Better Call Spinoff I’d like to see

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad

“Yeah, you’d BETTER call me.”

So news has been going around that the adorably sleazy Saul Goodman shall soon be getting his very own spinoff show.

I have mixed feelings about this, and have already seen a few arguments in favor and against, but at this point, I’m siding with against. He’s a fun character, sure, but he’s entertaining far more so than interesting. His one-liners and legal fencing are great to watch, but I can’t see how building a whole show around the guy is going to be anything but a short-lived experiment.

A few of the arguments in favor have said that it might be interesting to learn how he turned out that way, or they could build entire stories out of his legal cases and so on, but I just don’t think Saul is a nuanced character. At least, not in the way they present him on the show. He has his moments of complexity, but it’s something that just sort of hints at deeper…something. It doesn’t really show you any other side of him. Occasionally he’ll sort of drop the act, but for the most part, it won’t reveal what else is there. Which means the new show will have literally nothing to go on.

That’s not terrible, but it’s something of a gamble. They’ll have to make up his nuance, rather than being able to explore a developed character. Possible, sure, but tricky. It would have to be in the hands of expert writers in order to pull something like this off.

Or, they could descend into the madness of a 90s style sitcom.

Think about it. Saul Goodman comes back from work, and has to deal with…like, pets and stuff! Oh, the hilarity! With  a really invasive studio laugh track and catch phrases? It would be amazing!

As a joke, of course.

But I actually think this sort of thing would make a great web short series. What if instead of doing the Saul Goodman show, they just did a series of writers trying to do a Saul Goodman show? So they’d have a trailer of Saul in a 90s style sitcom, followed by a trailer of the show as a crime drama, then as a children’s Saturday morning cartoon, then a Wonder Years voiceover comedy?

It would be absolutely amazing. They could basically show the behind-the-scenes making of a show, and it would be educational, as well as hilarious.

Your move, AMC. And it can be a great move.

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