Walter White Costume

Walter White costume glassesSo you want to dress up in an amazing Walter White costume for a Halloween party. Or a viewing party. Or just to be cool. Isn’t it weird how a chemistry teacher somehow became an incredibly in-demand Halloween costume? The answer is yes.

Many Breaking Bad costumes are fairly easy to put together, and in fact you might have some of the pieces in your wardrobe already; khakis and loafers, for example, after which you’ll only need a few extra pieces here and there to complete the look.

Check out the list below to see what you’ll need for a complete Walter White costume, whether you’re going for the half-disrobed version that was the first episode’s debut reveal of the character, or the more modest and fully-clothed outfit.

Walter White Costume (awkward debut episode)

First up, we've got one of the first outfits that Walter White wore in the first episode, and depending on your thoughts on flashbacks, it may very well count as the very first outfit he wore of any kind. It's the cooking-in-his-underwear costume. Hopefully you'll be secure enough in the quality of your leg muscles to be okay with this sort of setup, but you'll probably look pretty cool, which is rather ironic, given the fact that a middle-aged chemistry teacher in glasses and white briefs is the exact opposite of cool, and somehow the Walter White Halloween costume has been a huge hit anyway.

Walter White Costume (fully clothed)

So here's what to add if you want to be a regular Walter White, instead of a partially disrobed one. That signature khaki jacket he wears all the time is actually pretty classy, if you're above the age of 40. It comes in plenty of colors (which will come in handy for the Heisenberg costume), and you'll probably get some decent use out of it even aside from dressing up in a Walter White costume. Add to that some pleated khakis and classy shoes, and you're done.

Walter White Costume Extras

So if you want to add some accessories to the ensemble, there are a few particularly sensible choices to add to the proceedings. Firstly, the blue crystal rock candy is just perfect, and also happens to be a great icebreaker when surrounded by party people on Halloween or whatever. Add to that a toy pistol, and you've got the whole outfit. Maybe you can bring your chemistry book with you, and you'll have the most complete Walter White costume of all.

More Walter White costumes?

This list was all about the regular character in his regular outfit, but if you're looking for other versions of a Walter White costume, such as Heisenberg or the yellow hazmat cook outfit, take a look at:

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